Herry Kiswanto Coached Persiba Balikpapan


Persiraja new coach last season, Herry Kiswanto officially assumed the head coach of Persiba Balikpapan dated Tuesday ( 18/12/2012 ) . Former coach Persiraja Banda Aceh is ready to provide the best for the team pride is Balikpapan public .

“I am grateful for the confidence given , if it be a positive thing I will work in a professional and I am also the principle in practice . My bottom line here would try his best to bring Newcastle to better achievement , “said Herry applause of all the players and management team .

“Since becoming a player to coach , Persiba Balikpapan familiar name on the national scene , this would be my motivation to bring Persiba Balikpapan better , ” said former Libero Indonesia’s best ever .

Ex- coach Persiraja Banda Aceh and the Minahasa Persmin first to see the composition of the team so that it can monitor the line which must be addressed . Herkis Persiraja began his coaching career since 2008 . Men born in Banda Aceh was successfully deliver Persiraja as First Division runners-up 2010/2011 and promotion to the highest caste of IPL 2011/2012 which only finish in seventh . By joining Herkis to Persiba Balikpapan, then public Kutaraja feel so very lost her figure. He was the coach of Rencong Warriors most respected by the people of Aceh .

— “Goodbye Kang Herry” —